Department of Automobile Engineering

S.NO Clustered Areas
1 Engine Management System.
2 Electric and Hybrid Vehicles.
3 Emerging Vehicle Body Materials.
4 Automotive Safety Engineering.
5 Autonomous Vehicles.

Department of Civil Engineering

S.NO Clustered Areas
1 Fiber Composites and New Construction Materials
2 Experimental Stress Techniques and Non-Destructive Testing
3 Earthquake Resistant Low Cost Housing
4 Lightweight Aerated Concrete
5 Geo polymer Concrete

Department of Computer Science Engineering

S.NO Clustered Areas
1 Artificial Intelligence
2 Big Data
3 Internet of Things (IOT)
4 Cloud Computing

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

S.NO Clustered Areas
1 Renewable energy sources solar and wind energy
2 Electrical vehicle & battery technology
3 Real time demand response in smart grid environment
4 Energy auditing

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

S.NO Clustered Areas
1 Wireless Communication with Cognitive Radio and Spectrum Sensing
2 IoT with MANET and VANET unmanned vehicles
3 Network Routing with QoS Provisioning
4 DSP and Speech Processing
5 IMAGE Processing

Department of Mechanical Engineering

S.NO Clustered Areas
1 Advanced Materials and Manufacturing process
2 Hybrid welding process
3 Advanced 3D printing technology
4 Processing and material challenges in Additive manufacturing of metals and alloys
5 Fracture mechanics, Creep and Fatigue evaluation of super alloys

Department of Science and Humanities

S.NO Clustered Areas
1  Crystal growth and design
2 CO thin films
3 Nano materials