Industry Academic Collaboration


Institute of Industrial Design aims to help engineering professionals and students become experts in their domain-specific skills, knowledge, and to be creative in design. IID has taken the responsibility of filling this skill gap for engineering professionals seeking employment in their respective fields.

Through its technical leads, it provides quality design training ranging from basic to advanced products. We provide tool-based and application-oriented training according to industry expectations, with both theoretical and practical (hands-on) components to optimize product knowledge.


  • To provide apractical context for  courses of study undertaken by  Students through theProgram
  • To bridge the gap between college education and industrialrequirement.
  • To provide opportunities for students of Mechanical, Automobile & Civil Engineering to undergo industrial training through Value Added Courses, and undertake newprojects.
  • To organize short-term training programs on new product development and research and developmentareas.
  • To provide training and Internship opportunities forstudents.
  • To help students get placed in their core Industry.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To supply futuristic technologies to colleges
  • To organize Value Added Courses/Workshops/Seminars every six months for Mechanical, Automobile, and Civil engineering students and to enlighten them on the development of Embedded and complex software projects.
  • To organize short-term training programs on Design, and technologywith hands-on experience.
  • To provide opportunities for Mechanical, Automobile, and Civil engineering students to undergo industrial training, Internship and undertake projectwork.
  • To provide job placement for thebest-performing Individuals.
  • To identify and help various colleges in the area of undertake R & D projects.