AEC-Incubation Centre

AEC-Incubation Centre aims to help well-trained students and entrepreneurs establish a complicated 3D printing model that is cost-effective and accessible to everyone. With a significant boom in 3D printing in recent years, the incubation centre also aims to assist the general public in areas where cost-effectiveness is considered critical. 3D printing is employed in the manufacturing industryand also in locations where prototyping is a major limitation. It is an additive method that involves building up layers of material to form a three-dimensional object.

As the 3D printing industry is innovative in its hardware, materials, and procedures to make objects or parts, the list of 3D printing technologies and methods continues to grow. Choosing the best 3D printing process and materials is vital and depends on a variety of aspects such as budget, design, and purpose. Many distinct 3D printed products that were previously made through mass production processes can now be created with 3D printing.

3D printers that can print in colour with numerous materials currently exist, and they will continue to advance to the point where functioning things can be printed. Printing, rather than “3D printing,” has brought about a significant shift in the way we live. At present, 3D-Printing has progressed from generating an object out of manufacturing need to amedical necessity like making artificial bones, with the goal of making it a “low cost” Product.