Planning and Monitoring Cell

Planning and Monitoring Committee

2Mr.T.P.UdhayasankarInternal MemberAsso.Prof/ CSE
3Mr.Sadhanandhavel RamdossExternal MemberIndustrial expert in the field of engineering and technology
4Dr.R.VenkateshInternal MemberHOD / EEE
5Dr.T.BuvaneswariInternal MemberHOD /PG/ CSE
6Dr.P.S.SrinivasanExternal MemberSenior faculty member from University/other college
7Mr.V.Lakshmana Narayanan  External MemberIndustrial expert in the field of  engineering and technology
8Mr.M.GokulkannanExternal MemberArchitect / Civil Engineer
9Mr.R.D.Madhusudhana RaoExternal Member

Regional Manager – Career     Education, IBM India Pvt. Ltd, Chennai