English Literary Club

The English Literary Club of Annapoorana Engineering College functions with the overt aim to develop the imaginative abilities of students by encouraging them to give open manifestation to their ideas through various literary customs. The activities of this club are planned to enlarge the output of the members of the club and thereby teaching these values to the student community as a whole.

To enhance communicative skills.
To impart literary and aesthetic values.
To promote team building.
To provide a platform to nurture and exhibit their innate potentials.


As English, the lingua franca has gained the status of an international language it is imperative to enhance communicative skills in English

The English Literary Club has been conceived by the Department of English at Annapoorana Engineering College for the adoration of the language exhibited by all faculties and students. With over 130 members, it is one of the most active clubs in campus.

English literary club INAGURAL ALOHA 2022-2023 .The instigation of the English literary club is to encourage students to become orators and display their intellectual, independent thinking skills and imbibe a sense of confidence. The club conducted the subsequent activities like Essay writing ,slogan writing, poem recitation, Tongue twister and dumb charades.

English literary club was inaugurated in Visvesvaraya Hall of Annapoorana engineering college on 28 February 2022. The programme started with a prayer. Student coordinators has sung the prayer song. Dr.Anbuchezian principal, lighted the traditional lamp. Ms.Subalatha, student coordinator welcome the participants of the programme and delivered the welcome address. The principal advised the student to enrich their communicative skills in English. . The students participated actively in all the events like Essay writing, Tongue twister, Dumb Charades, Slogans and Poem Recitation. Mr.T.Vignesh presented the vote of thanks. The programme ended with National anthem. The event was compeered by Mr.Naveen Student coordinator. The club helped in increasing the interest of students in the English language. It also introduced them to new ideas and concepts.

To journey into the realm of literary art that shapes the inner self, nurtures the creative thirst and sculpts the raw potential of Young Ignited Minds.