Inagurate the R&D STUDIO(AUTOMOTIVE DESIGN) by Department of Mechanical Engineering in Association with Automobile Engineering and Civil Engineering for Enhancing the Quality Management system and Novel Teaching Learning Process. The Program starts upon the prayer song and lighting the holy lamp. The proceedings began with welcoming speech delivered by Dr.J.Sivakumar Dean (R&D)/Mechanical. Our honourable principal, Dr.A.Anbuchezian addressed the keynote presentation about the role of mechanical engineers in various domain. In his presentation, he emphasized the importance of technological advancements in design thinking and product development. Mr.R.Ragunathan, Head – Institute of Industrial Design gave a short statement about the importance of Automotive design in manufacturing and production sector. Also share the industrial exposure for mechanical engineers. Finally, Mr.M.P.Mohanraj, HoD/Mechanical gave a vote of thanks.