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Noise Characterization in Communication

(11th MAY, 2021 @ 11.00am to 12.00pm)

Resource Person

Dr. M. N. Vimal kumar.,

Associate Professor,

RMD Engineering College.


He explained in detailed about the noise characterization in communication. He also explained that the  Noise is random, undesirable electrical energy that enters the communications system via the communicating medium and interferes with the transmitted message. However, some noise is also produced in the receiver. With reference to an electrical system, noise may be defined as any unwanted form of energy which tends to interfere with proper reception and reproduction of wanted signal. He also explained the categories of noise in communication that is, External noises, i.e. noise whose sources are external. External noise may be classified into the following three types: Atmospheric noises, Extra-terrestrial noises, Man-made noises or industrial noises. There were 93 participants from the academic and Industries who attended the workshop through Google Meet  App.E-Certificates were issued to all the participants.

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