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Grid Connected Solar Power Plant Design and Implementation

(29th  APRIL, 2021 @ 11.00am to 12.00pm)

Resource Person


Scientist&Joint Director

Power Electronics Group


The resource person explained in detailed about Grid Connected Solar Power Plant. He also elucidated about the importance of Solar Power Plant for the future generations and also in the field of engineering. He initially started with the evolution of Semi conducting Devices. solar energy is one of the most economical and exploitable renewable sources of energy that can be harnessed for generation of power. There are several advantages of using solar energy like low establishment period, no raw material expenses, non-polluting and renewable form of energy, etc. India has very good conditions for the development of photovoltaic solar power systems due mainly the geographical location and it receives solar radiation almost throughout the year,. The challenges faced in the application of Grid Connected Solar Power Plant Design and Implementation was also clarified by the guest speaker.

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