About Us

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering was established in the year 2010. Department offers Bachelor’s degree (B.E) in Computer Science & Engineering and Master’s degree (M.E) in Computer Science & Engineering was established in the year 2013.

Department of Computer Science & Engineering is ready to meet the challenges and opportunities in the field of Information Technology. Department is working for imparting the education necessary to meet the current requirement. We provides opportunities in the field of educational and research in Computer Engineering and its application era. The students becomes well mature and responsible citizens equipped with all the technologies of core domain of Computer Science and Engineering. Our students have mind-set of lifelong learning and leadership in this era. Department is regularly involved in organising placement opportunities to the students well known IT industries. The department has tie-ups with various industries and offers courses in collaboration with them. The department has a strong research interest in diverse areas of Computer Science. The focus areas of research are AI & Machine Learning, High-Performance Computing Systems, Computer Networks & Security, Knowledge Engineering, and Software Engineering.

To improve teaching learning process various teaching learning resources are used such as ICT Academy lectures, spoken tutorials, case studies, assignments, Quiz/Test, industrial live projects etc. Facilities of well ventilated and spacious class rooms. Organizing suitable guest lectures and industrial visits to improve subject knowledge, practical view while implementing the curriculum.


  • Emerge as a Center of Excellence for Computer Science and Engineering studies and professionals.


  • Focus on high quality education and technological innovation in teaching & learning.
  • Provide an outstanding environment and advanced equipment for teaching, learning and practice.
  • Transform students into prime leading and visionary computer professionals by nurturing communication skills, leadership, ethics and entrepreneurship.

Program Outcome (PO)

PO1: An ability to independently carry out research /investigation and development work to solve practical problems

PO2: An ability to write and present a substantial technical report/document

PO3: Students should be able to demonstrate a degree of mastery over the area as per the specialization of the program. The mastery should be at a level higher than the requirements in the appropriate bachelor program

PO4: Students shall have knowledge and skills in advanced software engineering, software quality assurance and software testing tools.

PO5: Students shall practise and undertake projects in  security issues, Internet of things, Data Analytics etc.

PO6: Students shall undertake projects in mobile application development and bioinformatics.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

PEO 1: Have advanced knowledge in the domains of programming, databases, networking and tools and technologies.

PEO 2: Emerge as globally competent engineering specialists and solve engineering problems in the field of Computer Science based on industry and society requirements.

PEO 3: Have exhaustive knowledge and expertise in undertaking socially innovative projects with ethical practices which enable them as leaders, entrepreneurs and social reformers.

Course Outcome (CO)

Regulation – 2021

CP4151 – Advanced data structures and algorithms

CO1 Design data structures and algorithms to solve computing problems
CO2 Choose and implement efficient data structures and apply them to solve problems
CO3 Design algorithms using graph structure and various string-matching algorithms to
solve real-life problems
CO4 Design one’s own algorithm for an unknown problem
CO5 Apply suitable design strategy for problem solving
CP4152 – Database Practices
CO1 Convert the ER-model to relational tables, populate relational databases and formulate SQL queries on data
CO2 Understand and write well-formed XML documents
CO3 Be able to apply methods and techniques for distributed query processing
CO4 Design and Implement secure database systems
CO5 Use the data control, definition, and manipulation languages of the NoSQL databases
CP4154 – Principles of programming languages
CO1 Describe syntax and semantics of programming languages
CO2 Explain data, data types, and basic statements of programming languages
CO3 Design and implement subprogram constructs
CO4 Apply object-oriented, concurrency, and event handling programming constructs
CO5 Develop programs in Scheme, ML, and Prolog

Faculty Achievement

Book Publications
Name of the Faculty Title of the Book published Year of Publication ISBN Number Name of the publisher
Dr.T.Buvaneswari Operating System 2019-2020 9-789389-658194 Shanlax Publication
Mr.K.Thangadurai Data Structure 2019-2020 9-789389-658200 Shanlax Publication
Staff Achievements (FDP, Workshop, Seminars, Hands on Training)
1 25.01.2022 Dr.T.Buvaneswari Training Program IP Awareness NIPAM
2 4.3.2022 to 5.3.2022 Dr.T.Buvaneswari FDP Faculty Refresher/Empowerment Program Annapoorana Engineering College
3 21.2.2022 to 25.2.2022 Dr.T.Buvaneswari FDP Solving Problems & Making Decision ICT Academy
4 24.1.2022 to 29.1.2022 Dr.T.Buvaneswari FDP Stress Management Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology
5 5.1.2022 to 11.1.2022 Dr.T.Buvaneswari FDP Orientation/Refresher Programme on Recent Trends of Robotics and Automation AICTE &ISTE SPONSORED organized by Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology, Management and Gramothan
6 15.12.2021 to 21.12.2021 Dr.T.Buvaneswari FDP Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Terna Engineering College & Quantum Learning, Microsoft GTP
7 30.8.2021 to 4.9.2021 Dr.T.Buvaneswari FDP UHV Refresher1 AICTE
8 20.8.2021 to 21.8.2021 Dr.T.Buvaneswari FDP National Cyber Defence Summit ‘ 21 XIV edition National Cyber Safety and Security Standards and Ministry of Electronics and Information technology
9 17.9.2021to 23.9.2021 Dr.T.Buvaneswari 7 days Apprenticeship Program named Metamorphose. Apprenticeship Program named Metamorphose Cosmos International Vocational Training and Education Board
10 05.07.2021 to 9.07.2021 Dr.T.Buvaneswari Training Program Digital Teaching Techniques ICT Academy & Atos/Syntel
11 12.07.2021 to 17.07.2021 Dr.T.Buvaneswari Training Program International Virtual Training on Women Entrepreneur and Women Empowerment Under DBT Star Scheme Nirmala College for Women
12 6.3.2021 Dr.T.Buvaneswari Train-the-Trainer Program Android Development with Kotlin ICT Academy
13 30.6.2021 Dr.T.Buvaneswari One day online workshop  Universal Human Values and Ethics Dr.Ashok Gujar Technical Institute’s Dr.Daulatraa Aher College of Engineering
14 21.6.2021 to 22.6.2021 Dr.T.Buvaneswari Two day online workshop Transformation through NAAC Accreditation Process, A National level workshop for higher Educational Institutions Institute for Academic Excellence
15 14.6.2021 – 18.6.2021 Dr.T.Buvaneswari FDP Fundamentals of AI ICT Academy
16 26.4.2021 – 30.4.2021 Dr.T.Buvaneswari FDP Introduction to Python Programming ICT Academy
17 19.4.2021 to 24.4.2021 Dr.T.Buvaneswari FDP Database Programming with PLSQL Oracle Academy
18  31.3.2021 Dr.T.Buvaneswari FDP Strategy of Managing Personal Finances Bikaner Technical University, Bikaner in collaboration with Association of Mutual Funds in India
19 16.2.2021 – 20.2.2021 Dr.T.Buvaneswari FDP Fundamentals of Machine Learning ICT Academy
20 28.2.2022 to 07.3.2022 Mr.K.Thangadurai FDP Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals ICT Academy
21 25.1.2022 Mr.K.Thangadurai IP Awareness/Training program National Intellectual Property and Awareness Mission Intellectual Property Office, India
22 5.8.2021 to 31.8.2021 Mr.K.Thangadurai Training Programme Innovation Ambassador training IIC-MoE’s Innovation Cell & AICTE
23 25.8.2021 to 27.8. 2021 Mr.K.Thangadurai Faculty Workshop “Embedded Systems-An application driven approach” All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), ATAL Academy, STMicroelectronics and Arm Education
24 13.9.2021 to 17.9.2021 Mr.K.Thangadurai Faculty Development Program Fundamentals of AI ICT Academy
25 22.10.2021 to 23.10.2021 Mr.K.Thangadurai

International Conference On

Artificial Intelligence & Smart Computing (ICAISC)

A Study- Internet Of Things (Iot)  Architectures And Applications Narsimha Reddy Engineering College, Hyderabad
26 28.6.2021 to 30.6.2021 Mr.K.Thangadurai Faculty Development Program 5G & VNA measurements with Live demonstration using Anritsu Instruments Entuple Technologies
27 07.5.2021 Mr.K.Thangadurai Training Programme Programming Essentials in Python ICT Academy
28 April 2021 Mr.K.Thangadurai Journal Improved microscopic digital image processing for dengue Detection using multi-support vector machine classifier Psychology and Education (2021) 58(2): 7750-7758 ISSN: 00333077
29 19.4.2021 to 23.4.2021 Mr.K.Thangadurai Faculty Development Program Introduction to Big Data Analytics ICT Academy
30 12.3.2021 Mr.K.Thangadurai Training Programme Programming Essentials in Python Python Institute
31 22.2.2021 to 27.2.2021 Mr.K.Thangadurai Faculty Development Program Introduction to Angular JS ICT Academy
32 07.01.2021 Mr.K.Thangadurai Patent Developing an Internet of Things Based LIFI Communication Protocol for COVID-19 Detection Intellectual Property India
33 02.11.2020 to 07.11.2020 Mr.K.Thangadurai STTP Social Network Analysis – Emerging Trends and Challenges Knowledge Institute of Technology
34 24.07.2020 to 25.07.2020 Mr.K.Thangadurai WORKSHOP Hadoop and Bigdata Analytics Malla Reddy Institute of Technology and Science
35 15.07.2020 Mr.K.Thangadurai WORKSHOP Arduino SRM TRP Engineering College

Lab Facilities

List Of Laboratories

  1. Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms Laboratory
  2. Software Engineering Laboratory