Academic and Administrative Audit (AAA) is a system to control and maintain high standards in the field of Higher Education. It is playing vital role in providing quality education to the learners all over the world.

            The Academic and Administrative Audit is conducted once in a semester by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the College. A panel of members, from various departments, appointed by the Co-ordinator – IQAC in consultation with the Principal of the college, audit the Departments and Administration areas. Following the audit, observations were recorded and a summary with recommendation is submitted by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell to the Principal and the Management. 

      The AAA of Annapoorana Engineering College would include the following Audit Parameters:

1.For Academic and Administrative Audit 

  • Curriculum Planning , Implementation, Gap Identification and Enrichment
  • Student Admission and Mentoring
  • Faculty Profile and Faculty Development
  • Industry-Academic Interaction and Professional Activities
  • Infrastructure and Resources (Department)

2.For Governance, Student Support and Infrastructure

  • Governance and Administration
  • Student Support System and Progression
  • Infra-structure and Resources ( Common)